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									A memorable event, Physics and Chemistry a

 a memorable event, Physics and Chemistry

 a memorable event a memorable

 activities in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China Garden Jinshui Bilingual
Primary School 3 (1) Class-Liang Yao

  special today, I was pleased. Early in the morning I got up and put my aunt just had
to stack the new uniforms, new red scarf tied a jump triple jump to go to school.
  Today is the 57th Young Pioneers on the construction team, the rows of students,
sitting in rows of square to celebrate the ceremony to be held in the square. Square
flag fluttering in the wind, salute ring over, the students hand ball: red, green, yellow,
purple, colorful, coming up the color of the ocean.
  When I was holding the red scarf around the neck to the small faculties when I was
little classmates heart beating fiercely, suddenly feeling, I remember my first scene
wearing a red scarf, I feel even more earth.
  breeze was blowing, bright smile. Such a scene, such an exciting time, not only the
waves everyone's face, even bearing in mind that each person's heart.

 Teacher: Caoshao Wu

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