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					A letter to the mayor of Xinyu Mayor

 letter from our mayor of Xinyu

 letter addressed to Mayor
 Shaw in the third grade flights Zhou Hongyu

  Dear Mayor:
  Hello! My name is Zhou Hongyu, eight years old at Shaw in the third grade classes
offering a reading. Today I want to tell you the first words: "Thank you! Very, very
grateful to you and other sessions of the municipal leaders. Every day, diligently, you
are like oxen in front of the same city, our The Xinyu built so beautiful. "
  mother told me: In 1987, she followed every time grandparents moved to Xinyu. At
that time, we have only one bouldering Park Xinyu, north side of a small hill full of
remote, small village.
  may now, our city has undergone enormous changes. In particular, since I was born,
the day of our home is really a new look. We have the crowded National Scenic
Xiannvhu have been converted scenery more attractive bouldering park, there is the
Jade Wetland Park, a picturesque North Lake Park, as well as the impressive sports
center. We have many delicious specialties - Xinyu tangerine, grape nest view of the
east watermelon, River under the dates, peanuts and Hong Luo Fang duck preserved
eggs. We are soft as silk Fenyi grass cloth. We have the top ten leading private
colleges, Chongqing Institute of Technology, all sorts of big brother and big sister are
here from all over the country came to our school. Our new steel production
world-class quality manganese steel. We also have world-class high-tech photovoltaic
solar energy business - LDK LDK Solar Hi-Tech Co., Ltd., better, black, white
skinned foreigners have traveled to our work here. Look, these two days, after
transformation cents to start the opening of the road. Our road was a true fairy to
spacious and beautiful.
  as more and more people came to our Xinyu. I also found all around us there are
some flawless. For example: at the crossroads to cross the road, usually a lot of
junctions without traffic police uncle. Thus, there is a lot riding on a motorcycle,
electric car ride, ride bicycles and pedestrians have to walk through a red light, while
the car is to soon open in the evening, there are red light running. Mom said she heard
at once on the road see a cyclist about 30 aunts and uncle said with a look at the
traffic lights and arrows do not know, whether it be moving forward is not more than
the car. According to statistics, Xinyu every week one person died due to traffic
accidents, this is a horrible thing ah! Therefore, I see the intention to have a cop at
every intersection directing traffic uncle. And, to vigorously promote in all traffic
laws. Moreover, we also need to strengthen law and order number.
  Finally, I wish you good health, dear Mayor!
  wish our Xinyu getting better and better!
 Hello to the general public: Zhou Hongyu
 2008 年 12 月 6 日
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