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 letter to Mom and Dad Camp

 letter to Mom and Dad
 to Mom and Dad
 letter from Experimental School in Chengdu, the third grade four classes Shuangnan
Wang Haocong

 dear mother, father:
 You sent me to summer camp has been a long time, and I learned a lot here, but also
to improve the lot of ability, so I felt that they had received.
 to the second day of camp organization to Qingcheng the mountain, we excitedly
scrambling up the hill and soon were out of breath, I would like to back down, but my
heart has been silently: "I'm the best , I was the best I can do it, I can make it! " This
belief I finally boarded the destination ----- Baiyun Si.
 Mom, Dad, we are about the end of summer camp, the teacher said to do a "Yes" and
"No" activities, see a few students can not answer the question sad expression, I
convulsed with laughter.
 mother, father, leaving you so long, I really want to go back to see you, I'll be back,
remember, and so I Oh!

 salute Yours!

 miss your son, Hao Cong
 2006 年 8 月 17 日

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