A letter to Liu Baoding Baoding film students

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					A letter to Liu Ying students Baoding Baoding

 letter from Baoding students life

 film student's letter to Liu

 to Liu Ying students a letter
 Baoding, Hebei Province Baoding City Experimental Primary School 51
 class Dingzhou Yang Liu Siying deceased classmates: Hello!

 I am a fifth grade elementary school in Baoding, a primary experiment, we do not
have met, I knew from the newspapers and on television your name and face. You left
us more than six months, your image has gradually been forgotten, but I can not forget
you. Whenever I walk in the streets, parks, saw many lovely to play with children
with parents, listening to children's bursts of laughter, I always think of you. So I can
not help with a heavy heart, for you to write this letter. I think if you are still alive,
some would like us, are under the warm sun, study and live happily.

 human life is precious, but your life is so short. I always think, what killed your
young life? I think it is superstition, is a cult, Falun Gong! If Falun Gong is not into
your life, you must have a happy childhood and full life. Superstition and ignorance
deprive your right to life, which fully proved the fact that the blood of Falun Gong
reactionary, cruel and harmful. Also show the world what the kingdom of heaven does
not exist and the King to create happy lives, only by our efforts to study and hard

 You may understand, but it was too late, because you have gone silent. You seek
heaven give you a big joke, you know what paradise looks like the it! However, you
have not opened his eyes, unable to return to this colorful beautiful world, this is a
cruel reality!

 Si film, as a primary school, we should believe in science, not superstition, all of us.
Reality tells us that superstition is vague promise to us, and all can not stand the test
of reality. Your tragedy has given us too many sober and reflective students.

  person's life will always be difficult and confusing, our primary school students as
well. When we face the difficulties and confusion, it should be clear to face, should be
brave to overcome it. I remember a remark of Lenin: "A revolutionary should not
allow fear to overwhelm their own, we must at all times, exercise their will at any
time." Adhere to the study, to uphold the truth, insist that science is a magic weapon
for overcoming all difficulties.

 think film students are students affectionately referred to as "pistachio" and you have
been Falun Gong claimed precious lives. I'm sorry you feel pain and, more full of
hatred against the cult. Falun Gong is truly disastrous, heinous crime! We need to
thoroughly learn your lesson, to learn science and culture, grew up in force for the

  autumn rain moistening the earth, the golden autumn, full of vitality! Our children's
lives are filled with hope, and we will use our efforts, our wisdom, our efforts to
describe a better tomorrow!

 rest in peace, thinking film students!

 Baoding, Hebei Province Experimental Primary School 51 class Dingzhou Yang

 2001 年 9 Sunday, 16

 Submission :2001-9-18
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