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					An interesting riddle quiz fun time

 an interesting riddle quiz

 an interesting riddle quiz

 an interesting riddle quiz
 Fujian Zhangzhou, Fujian Province, Zhangzhou City, Xiang Cheng 2 Experimental
Primary School three years, class Xu Lu
 vase in my memory, the preservation of many happy memories. Among last year's
"61 Children's Day" event on the eve of a riddle guessing I remember.

 I remember that day, extra-curricular activity time, the teacher organized the class
hold a riddle quiz. Students can be happy, we together happily riddles.

 "love of skydiving, playing a phrase.", "Arrogant little Re Renxian, playing
word." ... ... The students vie active quiz, and soon a one guessed the riddle. "But each
New Year's Eve reunion, playing word." I use crisp voice say to me carefully to find
the riddle. Some students chin, trying to think. Some of his hand too high, scrambling
to answer. I invite Yu Yunjie students first guess, she confidently said: "the
mountains." "Wrong." I asked her to sit down and waved his hand, she looked at me
with puzzled eyes, as though to find out from my face like. I also ask other students to
guess, they were defeated in all 11. Just when I want to unlock secrets, has been silent
in the side of the Chia-Jung Lee student suddenly stood up and blurted out: "is out." I
admire have kept saying: "Yes, yes!" The students enthusiastically applaud . In the
applause, Chia-Jung Lee students like a general who won the battle, exposing the
victory smile. Applause, laughter echoed in the classroom a long time.

  riddle guessing this event, let us joy and laughter has increased a lot. This a good
time to stay deep in my memory.

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