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					30 classes of the man he did not

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 30 classes of man

 30 classes of man
 Pinghu City, Zhejiang Province, 302 East Lake Primary School Class of money
 primary school in Pinghu City, East Lake, there is a great class reputation, it is 302
classes. 302 classes have a group of good man. They are lively and sometimes very
naughty, they are helpful and sometimes make mistakes.

 "nonsense King" Shen Ze-yu. He also spoke to a few baskets not fit, as long as the
eyes were open, he kept talking. "Early speech elements in White clouds, the Yu wave
to the toilet, the Romantic Swordsman moment, immediately turned into the old
eunuch." Unconsciously, he practiced out of a beak, won the first prize in English
reading. He played tennis, the can act, without any sign of weakness in the master
before, winning a further match.

  "forgetful" money David. His memory is not bad in general, no one does not forget
things. One day, his ticket was gone, his pockets inside out, overturned, can not find,
no no chanting, no ticket is not the earth goes on. Man a real man to be afraid of this
trivial matter? He cheerfully walked home. Though he is forgetful, his writing is
surprisingly high level, he won first prize in the school, which count drizzle, the most
remarkable is the 300 yuan of prize money he won.

 "naughty boy" Zhang Yiming. Class, he was busy making small moves, Teacher
Chang threw handfuls of rubber. "You play what I'll throw you!" The teacher said
angrily. Some say: "Teacher Chang threw Chang playing teacher." Classroom, as
voted in a heavy bomb, boiling up immediately. Zhang Yiming himself Hehedexiao
the. These days, this guy in a magic, met girls said: "One preparing for the wedding,
two prayer Diocese, husband and wife worship. Finished his prayer towards a female.
Zhang Yiming is no one in our class do not know the" pistachio. "He Xiao Hehe all
day long. What are we unhappy listening to his jokes cheered up a.

 are "ghost wizard" Zhang Yang, "Hercules" Chen Jiacheng.... 302 class The ma n
there are many, each man is a wonderful book, a beautiful song, a Kitty Hawk.

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