3 Moon moon moon cake by fdjerue7eeu


									Three moon moon moon cake

  mysterious three-month moon moon cake
  Hey? Three moon, how it will be three moon? Do not worry you, please listen to me
11 years!
  first moon: moon cake moon
  Mid-Autumn evening, our family around the table to eat moon cake. Uncle said:
"Look, a beautiful moon!" We looked out the window: a bright moon hanging in the
sky quietly, a playful look at us, it seems like you want a taste of moon cake to taste it!
Moon also like a sweet old lady, well looked us silently doing our family's patron
  Mid-Autumn Festival moon ah! Represent a family reunion.
  second moon: the moon
  street on the way home, humming a merry little I got the right stuff, my mother said:
"Look, the moon over our heads!" The bright Silverlit Sabian earth, according to may
night like day. We walked to the front of the moon walk with us, just as the same
street. August 15th the moon, as we light the way ahead.
  third moon: the mysterious planet
  return home, his father brought binoculars I observed the moon. With the telescope,
like a magnifying glass, took like, you can still see miles above the crater! The moon
on the remote and mysterious to me then, I grew up going to the moon to see its true
  This is my three moon - warm, bright and mysterious. .. This article from [worry
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