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Bridge to the Future

                                 2 0 0 9 / 2 0 1 0   A N N U A L   R E P O R T


                          Report from the Chair

                          Last year brought the successful culmination of several key initiatives designed to       THE SCMP BRAND
                          move our profession forward. It was a bridge between the past and future of               The new designation powerfully
                                                                                                                    communicates the value proposition
                          PMAC. In order to fulfill our mission of building leadership in supply chain              of the Supply Chain Management
                          management and achieve our vision of being the recognized authority in our field,         Professional. Featuring an infinity
                          we continued to provide greater value to members, our Institute partners and              symbol, the SCMP logo signifies an
                                                                                                                    unbroken network that stretches from
                                          employers across Canada.
                                                                                                                    supplier to customer. The three links
                                             With the introduction of our new professional designation, the         comprise the core areas of supply
                                          graduation of our first candidates in the Strategic Supply Chain          chain management: procurement,
                                                                                                                    operations and logistics.
                                          Management Leadership Program and the approval of a new
                                          Strategic Plan, PMAC expanded on its prior
                                          accomplishments to position the association
                                          for the next phase in its 90-year history.
    Leah Bach,   C.P.P.
                            A highlight of the past 12 months was undoubtedly our
                          decision that a new professional designation that more fully
                          reflects the enhanced and exceptional skills of our members
                          would replace our Certified Professional Purchaser (C.P.P.)
                          After extensive consultation with stakeholders, review of a very comprehensive
                          task force report and much dialogue around the PMAC Board table, we were
                          thrilled to announce that our new designation would be the SCMP – Supply Chain           OUR MISSION
                          Management Professional.                                                                 Our mission is our reason for being. It is
                            This change was not made lightly, but it was taken to embrace the new and larger       why we exist.
                          scope of work we do as supply chain management professionals. It is meant to move        The mission of PMAC is to build
                          the profession beyond purchasing and recognize the unique knowledge that we have         leadership in supply chain
                          to contribute on a strategic level. It is meant to open up a world of opportunity for
                          our members to add even more value to a wider range of customers. And, it is meant
                                                                                                                   OUR VISION
                          to establish ourselves as the leaders in a changing marketplace.
                                                                                                                   Our vision is a statement about what we
                            As I write this, PMAC is working with its 10 Provincial and Territorial Institute
                                                                                                                   want to become.
                          partners to finalize the legal aspects of the change and roll out the designation. All
                                                                                                                   PMAC's vision is to be the recognized
                          C.P.P.s in good standing will receive the SCMP as we put our resources behind the
                                                                                                                   authority for the profession of supply
                          new credential. We have developed a comprehensive marketing plan and will invest to      chain management.
                          raise awareness of our SCMP designation. Our message will be one that emphasizes
                          the strategic, global and integrated thinking of our accredited professionals.           OUR VALUES
                            The launch of the SCMP designation marks the attainment of our earlier                 • Accountability
                          strategic priorities. The first of these saw us redefine our field of practice as        • Integrity
                                                                                                                   • Excellence
                          strategic supply chain management. The second was the renewal of our education
                                                                                                                   • Commitment
                          and accreditation programs, leading to the creation of our world-class Strategic         • Respect
                          Supply Chain Management Leadership Program (SSCMLP). The third priority has              • Collaboration
                          been branding and promotion to expand the profile of our profession.


    Report from the Chair

      By all counts, we have been successful in reaching these objectives. Late last        STRATEGIC SUPPLY CHAIN
    year, we welcomed our first graduates from the SSCMLP, who completed a                  MANAGEMENT LEADERSHIP
    rigorous program to earn their professional designations. We have strengthened          Graduates of our three-year SSCMLP
    relationships with partners such as the Conference Board of Canada, sponsored           complete a demanding program.
    important and timely research through our Canadian Purchasing Research
                                                                                            8 Modules and
    Foundation, and through our advocacy work become recognized as the voice of             6 Interactive Workshops
    our profession with government.
                                                                                                                             3 Years
      Over the past year, your National Board has also been hard at work devising a new     In-Residence Week                Practical
    Strategic Plan to guide us through the next phase of PMAC’s development. We
    surveyed trends in business and society, assessed our strengths and limitations as an
                                                                                            Final Examination
    organization, and weighed different concepts, values and ideas for the association.
      The result is a strategic blueprint for the profession, a roadmap for our future.
    Anchored in four external-facing goals, the Strategic Plan focuses on strengthening
    our leadership in the supply chain space, providing leading-edge education and
    resources, increasing market understanding of the supply chain profession, and          STRATEGIC PLAN 2010-2013
    supporting our members. The Strategic Plan also includes a set of three enabling        The following strategic and enabling
    goals that provide the organizational framework for achieving our strategic goals.      goals set out how PMAC will fulfill its
                                                                                            mission and realize its vision:
    These enabling goals will see us collaborate as a strong partnership with a renewed
                                                                                            • Strengthen Leadership in the Supply
    business model and integrate new technologies into our operations.
                                                                                              Chain Management Space
      PMAC has been successful in the past because we concentrate on key priorities,        • Support Strategic Supply Chain
    and have a committed Board, staff and membership. Improving upon our                      Management Practice through
                                                                                              Leading-Edge Education and
    achievements will require all of our talents as we go full steam ahead. Our success
    relies on being the experts that business turns to for thought-leadership in supply     • Increase Market Awareness and
    chain management.                                                                         Understanding of the SCM Profession
      This is an exciting time with a new field of practice, a new professional               and the Value Added to Enterprises
                                                                                              by the SCM Professional
    designation and a new Strategic Plan. It has been tremendously rewarding to be          • Support Members
    your Chair these last two years and to have been part of these vital initiatives.       • Operate as a Strong Partnership
    Collectively, we must now apply our abilities to continue to grow and advance our       • Develop a Sustainable Business and
                                                                                              Financial Model
    association, bridging to an ever brighter future.
                                                                                            • Optimize Information and Technology


    Leah Bach, C.P.P.
    Chair, PMAC Board of Directors


                    Report from the President

                    As PMAC concludes its milestone 90th year of operation, we are, as an association of      SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT
                    supply chain management professionals, presented with both challenges and                 DEFINITION
                    opportunities in a rapidly changing marketplace. The profession is expected to deliver    PMAC defines supply chain
                    value like never before, but it is better equipped than ever to do so. Throughout         management as:
                    2009/2010, PMAC has been working diligently on behalf of members to ensure they           The process of strategically managing
                    have the education, influence and resources to be effective at all career stages.         flows of goods, services, finance and
                                                                                                              knowledge, along with relationships
                                    EDUCATION AND ACCREDITATION                                               within and among organizations, to
                                                                                                              realize greater economic value through:
                                    This past year marked the transition from the Principles-based
                                                                                                              • Supporting enterprise strategic
                                    accreditation program to our Strategic Supply Chain Management
                                    Leadership Program (SSCMLP). With the end of the Principles program,      • Contributing to the achievement of
                                    a record number of candidates attended In-Residence Week and sat for         strategic competitiveness of the
                                    the National Examination. A total of 894 candidates wrote the National       enterprise.
                                    Exam – more than double the year before – with 517 becoming newly         • Contributing to the enhancement of
    Robert W. Dye                                                                                                the competitive advantage of the
                    accredited professionals. In addition, we had our first 35 graduates from the inaugural
                    “Beta” delivery of our SSCMLP. Enrolments in our SSCMLP continue to be strong; more       • Enhancing customer satisfaction.
                    than 800 candidates are now registered in the program. Additionally, the last year saw
                    the first national offering of PMAC’s Supply Management Training for more junior
                    practitioners requiring a technical competence in supply management.
                      PMAC and its Institutes have continued to forge relationships with university
                    business schools to align their supply chain teaching with our competency map for
                    the profession. Last year, PMAC implemented a new advanced standing policy.
                    Graduates of PMAC-accredited business programs in supply chain management are
                    eligible to receive advanced standing in the SSCMLP. The first five schools to have       NEW C.P.P. GROWTH

                    their programs centrally accredited are Grant MacEwan University, Mount Royal
                    University, University of Saskatchewan, University of Manitoba and Laval University.      Our number of C.P.P.s
                                                                                                              has grown dramatically
                      The high caliber of PMAC’s education programs was acknowledged this past year.
                                                                                                              over the past five years.
                    The International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management has conferred its        We now have close to
                    Certificate of Competence on our SSCMLP, the only supply chain program in Canada          3,000 holders of our

                                                                                                              professional designation
                    to receive this honour. The SSCMLP as well our Supply Management Training were

                                                                                                              across Canada.
                    also among the first group of seven programs to receive accreditation from the
                    Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council through its newly created National
                    Accreditation Program. Based on national and international best practices and





                    principles, accreditation affirms that PMAC programs meet industry needs and
                    underscores the superior quality of our training.

                    PMAC expanded professional development opportunities available to members over
                    the past 12 months. We presented another successful National Conference last June.
                    Over 500 delegates joined us in Quebec City for our 84th annual event. Subject
                    matter focused on supply chain management adding value during the economic


    Report from the President

    downturn, while we were also introduced to the unique food, art and music of                 FUTURE PMAC CONFERENCES
    Quebec. Supporting supply chain research and advancing knowledge in our field                June 8–10, 2011 - Whistler, BC
    continued to be a priority for PMAC. We hosted our Seventh International Supply              June 6–8, 2012 - Moncton, NB
    Chain Management Symposium in Toronto this past October, drawing together
    academic and practitioner communities. Along with our partners at the Institute for
    Supply Management and CAPS Research in the U.S., we also sponsored the North                 CANADIAN SUPPLY CHAIN
    American Research and Teaching Symposium.                                                    SECTOR COUNCIL
      Acknowledging that it can be difficult to take time away for professional                  A pillar association of the Canadian
    development, PMAC brought the learning directly to members’ desktops. In                     Supply Chain Sector Council (CSCSC),
    September, we introduced a pilot PMAC webinar series with convenient 90-minute               PMAC provides leadership in the field
    lunch sessions available in live or archived formats. Popular topics have included           and works with other groups to develop
                                                                                                 information and tools to assist with staff
    commodity management, a post-Tercon procurement law primer and supplier
                                                                                                 recruitment and retention, including:
    evaluation. Featuring top experts in our field, our webinars have garnered very
    positive feedback. We plan to partner with our Institutes to continue to make                • Occupational Standards
                                                                                                 • Virtual Human Resources Department
    available this valuable learning opportunity.
                                                                                                 • Labour Market Data
      Another first for PMAC was working with Grand & Toy to present a free                      • Wage Subsidy Program
    Sustainable Procurement Showcase last November in both Vancouver and Toronto.
    Close to 200 supply chain management professionals took part, learning about the
    growing demand for green procurement practices and how buying green can
    actually drive down total costs. In PMAC’s capacity as the profession thought leader,
    we understand the importance of educating our members in this new and growing
    competency of sustainable supply chain management.
                                                                                                 SURVEY SAYS…
                                                                                                 Green purchasing budgets are rising even
    PMAC plays an important role as provider of expert and trusted advice to the federal
                                                                                                 in tighter economic times, according to a
    government. The association builds relationships with key departments in Ottawa in           TerraChoice Environmental Marketing
    order to demonstrate the strategic importance of supply chain management and                 survey, conducted in partnership with
    promote best practices in procurement policy and management. Last year, PMAC again           PMAC. In fact, the report shows that
    participated in pre-budget consultations with the Government of Canada and                   more than half of all purchasers (56%)
                                                                                                 have done more green purchasing in the
    identified three key priorities for 2010: investment in Canada-U.S. border infrastructure,
                                                                                                 last 12 months than ever before.
    increased financial and human resources to combat counterfeit goods, and training for                                  September 2009
    supply chain professionals in the public service. In another initiative, PMAC
    recommended to Human Resources and Skills Development Canada that it update its              Supply chain salaries fared better than
    categorization of purchasing roles to be more reflective of the current labour market,       expected through the economic downturn.
                                                                                                 The 2009 PMAC/Purchasingb2b/MM&D
    as it conducts its National Occupational Classification (NOC) 2011 review.
                                                                                                 Salary Survey, sponsored by MERX,
      This past year, PMAC was pleased to announce the creation of two new awards
                                                                                                 revealed an average salary of $78,100,
    that celebrate success in supply chain management as part of our PMAC Awards of              compared to $76,430 in 2008. More
    Distinction. The Outstanding Achievement Award recognizes an exemplary individual            than half (56%) of respondents reported
    supply chain professional and the Supply Chain Excellence Award highlights an                a salary increase this year. The average
                                                                                                 pay hike was 3.1%.
    organization demonstrating supply chain leadership. These awards complement our
                                                                                                                               October 2009
    existing Fellow Award, the association’s highest honour, which continues to symbolize


    Report from the President                                                               PMAC National Board of Directors
                                                                                            LEAH BACH, C.P.P.
                                                                                            Board Chair
                                                                                            Manager, Procurement Services
    dedication to career, PMAC and the community. An expanded awards roster exposes         Delta School District
                                                                                            Delta, BC
    the profession to new ideas and best practices, and showcases the value that supply
                                                                                            THOMAS E. MURRAY, C.P.P.
    chain management brings to the competitive advantage of all enterprises.                Board Vice-Chair
                                                                                            Manager, Contracting and Procurement
      The association has continued to support a renewed Canadian Purchasing Research       Halifax International Airport Authority
                                                                                            Halifax, NS
    Foundation (CPRF). CPRF is dedicated to promoting research leadership and advancing     GRAHAM ALLEN
                                                                                            Senior Program Manager, Supply Chain Secretariat
    the body of knowledge in strategic supply chain management through its funding of       Treasury Board Office
                                                                                            Ontario Ministry of Finance
    academics and graduate students in our field of practice. In January, CPRF introduced   Toronto, ON
    a new Student Award for Best Research Paper in Canadian Supply Chain                    PETER BUSCEMI, C.P.P.
                                                                                            Purchasing Agent
    Management, in addition to providing funding for research grants and doctoral thesis    Manitoba Hydro
                                                                                            Winnipeg, MB
    scholarships. CPRF also announced Fraser Johnson, Ph.D, Director of the MBA program
                                                                                            KEITH CARRUTHERS, C.P.P.
    at the University of Western Ontario’s Richard Ivey School of Business, as the new      President
                                                                                            Strategic Sourcing International
    holder of the Leenders Purchasing Management Association of Canada Chair.               Moncton, NB

      Partnerships and alliances with groups that share PMAC’s vision of the field of       DOUG COONEY, C.P.P.
                                                                                            MM Business Systems Leader
    practice allow us to expand our reach, amplify our message and bring new resources      Agrium
                                                                                            Calgary, AB
    to our members. During the last year, we have worked with a range of leading
                                                                                            CHRISTINE FONG, C.P.P.
    organizations, including:                                                               Superintendent, Purchasing
                                                                                            EKATI Diamond Mine, BHP Billiton
      • Conference Board of Canada                                                          Yellowknife, NT

                                                                                            DRAKE MACDONALD, C.P.P., CPM
      • International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management                        Vice-President, Supply Chain Management
                                                                                            Adeptron Technologies Corporation
      • Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council                                                Ottawa, ON
      • Aboriginal Human Resources Council                                                  JOHN MASSELOS, a.p.a.
                                                                                            Senior Procurement Agent
      • Canadian Chamber of Commerce                                                        Messier-Dowty Incorporated
                                                                                            Montreal, QC
      • Office of the Procurement Ombudsman of Canada
                                                                                            JEAN LOITZ, C.P.P.
      • Canadian Aboriginal and Minority Supply Council                                     President
                                                                                            INMOTION Management Inc.
      • Network for Business Sustainability                                                 St. Albert, AB

      In the past year, PMAC co-sponsored a new survey from TerraChoice                     RICK REID, C.P.P.
                                                                                            Manager, Supply Chain
    Environmental Marketing on green purchasing and again produced our popular              VAW Systems Ltd.
                                                                                            Winnipeg, MB
    Salary Survey with Purchasing b2b and MM&D magazines. PMAC maintained its
                                                                                            BRETT SCHAITEL, C.P.P.
    Career Link job board partnership with Workopolis, serving employers seeking to         Director, Procurement
                                                                                            Evraz Inc. NA
    recruit qualified supply chain management professionals, as well as members seeking     Regina, SK

    new employment opportunities. We also offered members a new benefit: summaries          PAUL SNOW
                                                                                            Vice-President, Procurement
                                                                                            High Liner Foods
    of best-selling business books from The Business Source.                                Lunenburg, NS
      On a personal note, this will be my final Annual Report to the members of PMAC.       MIKE WHELAN, C.P.P.
                                                                                            Manager, Supply Chain Management & Administration
    I am retiring after six years at the helm. I am proud to have guided this dynamic       Newfoundland & Labrador Hydro
                                                                                            St. John's, NL
    association through such a transformative period, and am confident that, under the
                                                                                            EDY WONG
    leadership of my successor, you will continue to build on our achievements, adeptly     Assistant Dean, International/ Director, CIBS
                                                                                            University of Alberta School of Business
    confronting the challenges and wisely taking advantage of the many opportunities        Edmonton, AB

    that lie ahead.                                                                         ROBERT W. DYE
                                                                                            Purchasing Management Association of Canada
                                                                                            Toronto, ON

    Robert W. Dye, FCMA, LLD


           90 Years Strong - A Brief History of PMAC

           1919 - The National Association of Purchasing Agents (N.A.P.A.), a U.S. association,        ABOUT PMAC
                  forms first Canadian chapter in Montreal, QC.                                        The Purchasing Management
                                                                                                       Association of Canada (PMAC) is the
                                1921 - N.A.P.A. chapters form the Council of Canadian                  leading professional association in
                                Purchasing Agents Association (C.A.P.A.), a direct affiliate of the    Canada for supply chain management
                                American association.                                                  professionals.

                                                                                                       With more than 40,000 members and
                                1931 - The C.A.P.A. develops its own Constitution and by-laws          program participants working in all
                                and is granted its Letters Patent under the Province of Ontario        sectors of the Canadian economy,
    1934                        Corporations Act.                                                      including retail, manufacturing,
                                                                                                       transportation, distribution, government,
           1948 - First Fellowship Award (now Fellow of the Purchasing Management Association          natural resources and service sectors,
                                                                                                       PMAC is the principal source of training,
                  of Canada - FPMAC) presented to Mr. John Eaton of the Montreal District.
                                                                                                       education and professional development
                                                                                              1955     for supply chain management
           1955 - Formal independence from the American
                                                                                                       professionals in Canada.
                  association occurs with the proclamation
                                                                                                       Education and member development
                  of the independent Canadian Association
                                                                                                       programs are delivered through the
                  of Purchasing Agents (C.A.P.A.).                                                     Provincial and Territorial Institutes,
                                                                                                       supported by the PMAC National office.
           1966 - The first Board of Examiners (oral                                                   The highest achievement in professional
                  examinations) confers eight Professional                                             supply chain management education in
                  Purchaser (P.P.) designations.                                                       Canada is the Certified Professional
                                                                                                       Purchaser (C.P.P.) designation.
           1969 - The Canadian Association of Purchasing Agents name is changed to the
                  Purchasing Management Association of Canada (PMAC), in recognition of the
                  fact that the practitioner is now identified as a professional purchasing manager.

                                            1969 - Inaugural running of the In-Residence Week
                                            (formally known as the Advanced Purchasing
                                            Management Course) at the University of Western
                                            Ontario. It represents part of the professional
                                            accreditation program.

                                            1974 - PMAC is one of the founders of the
                                            International Federation of Purchasing and Materials
                                            Management (IFPMM), an international federation of
    1966                                    procurement bodies, now known as IFPSM.

           1981 - At the Annual General Meeting, a Code of Ethics is presented and approved.
                  All members become bound to the requirements of the Code.


           90 Years Strong - A Brief History of PMAC

           1985 - The association embarks on a                 1982                                  PMAC MEMBERS AT A GLANCE
                  province-by-province process to                                                    • 55% male; 45% female
                  provincially certify the professional                                              • Average age: 43
                  designation of C.P.P. (Certified                                                   • 88% have college or university
                  Professional Purchaser).
                                                                                                     • Top 3 sectors where employed:
                                                                                                       manufacturing, services and natural
           1995 - The National association and the
                  Provincial Institutes sign formal                                                  • Average annual personal spend of
                  Affiliation Agreements.                                                              $18 million; departmental spend of
                                                                                                       $42 million
           1996 - PMAC moves from the oral Board of Examiners process to a National Uniform          • 1/4 work in firms with 1,000-4,999
                  Written Exam process. Exam writers that pass are granted use of the                  employees; 1/4 work in firms with
                  professional designation.

    1999                                             1999 - The Canadian Purchasing Research
                                                     Fund evolves into the Canadian Purchasing
                                                     Research Foundation, a charitable foundation.

                                                     2005 - PMAC redefines its field of practice
                                                     from purchasing to comprehensive strategic
                                                     supply chain management to recognize the
                                                     broader scope and growing influence of the

           2007 - The Strategic Supply Chain Management Leadership Program (SSCMLP)
                  launches as the path to professional accreditation. The competency-based
                  program delivers both advanced supply chain management knowledge and
                  high-level business skills.
           2009 - A new professional designation, the SCMP – Supply Chain
                  Management Professional, is announced to replace the
                  C.P.P. The new designation represents strategic, global and
                  integrated thinking. All C.P.P.s in good standing will
                  receive the SCMP.



Purchasing Management Association of Canada                      PMAC PROVINCIAL AND
777 Bay Street, Suite 2701,
                                                                 TERRITORIAL INSTITUTES
P.O. Box 112, Toronto, ON M5G 2C8

Email:                                              ALBERTA
Telephone: 416.977.7111
                                                                 BRITISH COLUMBIA
Fax: 416.977.8886
Toll free: 1.888.799.0877                                        MANITOBA                                                      NEW BRUNSWICK

                                                                 NEWFOUNDLAND & LABRADOR

                                                                 NORTHWEST TERRITORIES

                                                                 NOVA SCOTIA

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