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My favorite book favorite stories


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									My favorite book favorite stories

 favorite story of dry moss

 My favorite books
 My favorite books
 Jiangsu Province Jurong City Experimental Primary School 2 (4) Class Nan

  My favorite book is "Puda doll of 500 moss dry time." The hero of the story is a
clever Tibetan antelope, one day, he made a mistake, he began the arduous journey of
  I like this book, the 14th, 15, 16 chapters, three chapters about his spent in the music
world, the station took in the music world, he was a little afraid of all yellow, he
lawlessness, not only eat leaves, but also trouble the heaven's order, the result, he was
sent off in hell.
  later, he return to heaven, his confession to all the music flowers, music, flowers
have forgiven him, he suddenly thought of his time, only 20 of dry moss, and flowers
help in music, he returned to the world .
  through the story, I realize that mistakes must be corrected in time, to get other
people's understanding.
  Instructor: Tang Dandan

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