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 beautiful mother, her hair

 beautiful mother,

 beautiful mother, Shaoxing County, Zhejiang Province, Qiu Jin primary one ( 1) Ban
Wang Yuyan
 I have a beautiful mother, her eyes big and bright, as if talking. Also her hair yellow
volumes, like foreigners.

 mother of beauty, therefore love for dressing up. Mom's hair is always changing.
Sometimes black, sometimes yellow, sometimes straight like willows, like instant
noodles sometimes winding. Mom loved to wear skirts. Summer, my mother put on a
skirt very beautiful and very cool. In the cold winter, my father and I wore a thick coat,
but her mother still wore skirts. I'm afraid my mother would be damaged by frost, but
she always says: "No it cold." Mom visit this clothing store like, as long as she
entered there was 10 head of cattle also could not pull out.

  mother walking on the road every time, someone said that the mother really young
and beautiful. Then my mother would reveal a beautiful smile, then my heart also
tastes of.
  Instructor: Wei Hui Di

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