Yu Chen Clan Embroidery Dad by fdjerue7eeu


									Yu Chen Ancestral Temple embroidery father

 Ancestral Hall, embroidery father uncle

 Yu Chen Clan Temple

 Yu Chen Ancestral Temple in Guangdong province of Guangdong University of
Foreign Languages School attached Primary Section 2 (5) Class Cao Wei Jia
 Today, my parents took me to visit the Chen Clan Temple, Zhongshan 7 Lu.

, where I saw a lot of crafts, with brick, stone, wood, ivory carving Oh embroidery.
Attracted me the most is the one called "Dawn" and peacock embroidery painting.
Painting inside the beautiful peacock feathers dressed, colorful, standing nobly in the
morning sun, very realistic. Dad told me that aunts and uncles embroidered with a
needle and thread out. He also told me that my embroidery technology is world
famous, has been appreciated by many countries.

 on the way home, I am my father said: "Those were great aunts and uncles." Dad
said: "Those who were aunts and uncles to learn handicraft master carving techniques
to make out. So, you have to learn the knowledge, will be a useful person. "
 Supervisor: Zhu Ruixia

 Submission :2003-5-6
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