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Elektrooniline dokumendihaldus Tallinna linna ametiasutustes


									Local Govermement innovative
  solutions in City of Tallinn

• Digital Document Management System -
towards a sustainable information society
 • ID-ticket - Faster, easier and handier!
 • M-parking - The most innovative GSM
             Wireless Service
 Digital Document
Management System
Towards a sustainable information

         City of Tallinn
  Digital Document Management
This system consists of several different components
  which are all integrated into a common system
  aiming to administer the whole documentation of the
  local municipality.
Systems are integrated with MS Outlook, computer
  users administrating system Active
  Directory, personnel data administrating system
  Persona and templates.

• Legal Act Register (TÕR)

• City Council Legal Act Management System (AKTAL)

• City Government Session Information System (LIIS)

• 23 Document Management Systems (POSTMAN)

• General Document Register
     Legal Acts Register (TÕR)(1)
Register was accomplished in 2000. This is an information system for
making the registration data of the legal acts of Tallinn and the body
texts public without any access restrictions. This is the system where
all regulations and decisions of the City Council, and
directives, regulations and excerpts of the minutes accepted by the
City Government are consolidated. This is the registry where all legal
body texts are drafted. The search engine enables to find the legal
acts on the bases of various characteristics and also out of the legal
       City Council Legal Act
   Management System (AKTAL) (1)
The system was accomplished in 2001. This is an information system for
processing the legal acts of the Tallinn City Council and making them
available for the public. The system proceeds as follows: when the City
Government has prepared a document, the information system for
processing the legal acts transmits the required documents to the AKTAL
system automatically. This system enables to follow the processing of the
City Council legal acts from their outset, when the documents are
accepted for processing until the end, when the legal acts are either
accepted or rejected at the City Council session. The agenda and the
materials of the sessions are made available to the public, it is possible to
watch audio teleconferencing, to display the materials on screen. The
AKTAL-system is interfaced with the City Council digital voting system,
and also with the User Administration System.
        City Government Session
      Information System (LIIS) (1)
The system was accomplished in 2001. This is an information system for
preparing the Tallinn City Government sessions, for making discussion
topics public, and also for conducting the meeting. When the draft of a
law of the City Government is compiled, the draft and its supplementary
materials are transmitted from the Legal Acts Management System into
another system – LIIS. Here the agenda of the session is set up. After
the approval of the agenda, the materials of the meeting shall be
accessible to the public. The materials and minutes of the earlier
meetings are also available and the search system functions as well.
After the City Government session the work flow is further directed to
Legal Acts Register of Tallinn or back to the Tallinn City Government
Legal Acts Management System. When the session of the City
Government takes place, all materials can be displayed on the wall of
the session room, which makes it possible for all those present to
participate actively in the discussion of the agenda.
23 Document Management Systems
         (Postman) (1)
The system was completed in 2002. Every municipal structural unit enters
its incoming documents into the system named POSTMAN (full texts,
where possible), the outgoing documents are done by using the digital
document templates. The documents (for example, decrees) for home
use in a structural unit are also compiled in this system, full texts are
stored in the POSTMAN. The system functionality ensures the
processing of the documents (transmission, links, etc.), the exchange of
the documentation with other registries of other structural units, regular
automatic export into General Documents Registry of Tallinn. The
interfaces with e-mail system (MS Outlook) and the User Administration
System (MS Active Directory) have been realized, the processing
(acceptance, delivery, etc.) of the digital documents signed digitally has
been made available.
   General Document Register (1)
The register was accomplished in 2002. This is a information
system for making the data of the official document files to be
available to the public. The data on the documents which are to be
found in the registries of the municipal structural units have been
consolidated here, and pursuant to appropriate regulations the data
shall be accessible at the Tallinn City web site. The Registry
consists of two layers – first one is for public access (the data,
which pursuant to the Public Information Act, are to be made public
and no user identification is required), and the second layer is for
official use, to be accessed by civil servants only (documents for
the home use are also accumulated here). On the General
Registry web site one can submit digital enquiries to any of the
municipal structural units.
   Tallinn City Government Legal
     Acts Management System
It was completed in 2002 by Microlink Süsteemid AS. This too
involves the Postman software. The system provides for the
processing of drafts of city government laws and regulations from
compilation (no matter in which agency) to enactment. After drafts
are approved, data are transmitted to the Tallinn City Government
Session Information System LIIS. In the cases when the legal act
from the City Government needs to be transmitted to the City
Council for processing, the relevant document is forwarded to an
information system that is called AKTAL. After the document has
been approved, it is forwarded to the Tallinn Legal Acts Register.
The information system is integrated with the E-mail system and
the user administration system.
    ID – ticket
Faster, easier and handier!

       City of Tallinn
             What is the ID-ticket?

• Its users prove their identity with their identification cards
• It is a virtual ticket
• It gives the right to use services that are sold via an electronic
  payment collection system
• It can be purchased from a variety of distribution channels
                 Why ID - tickets?
• Need for personalized tickets
• Different pricing for residents
• Optimised distribution costs
• User friendly and flexible payment channels
• Online statistics and cash control
• Ca 2/3 of the population holds an ID card
  ID-card costs about 10 USD
• ID card is used as a common key to access different services
• Automated checks from Population Registry
• Easy to sell and check tickets on-line
         On-line sales and ticket checks

                         Population Registry



                                               ID card

                        Person must possess and show an
                    ID-card when buying or verifying a ticket

• Optimised distribution costs (less need for printing and
  delivering paper tickets)
• Better service through flexible channels for purchasing a ticket
  (even your mobile or fixed telephone serves as a point of sales)
• Tool for planning public transport
Monthly ticket structure according
  to ticket revenue in July 2004
                 monthly pass

     Single ticket

                                ID-ticket               8,9
                                Single ticket             8
                                Printed monthly pass    1,2
                                TOTAL                  18,1
    Mobile parking
The most innovative GSM Wireless

          City of Tallinn
               Mobile Parking
          The application “Mobile Parking” was first
        commercially available on the 1st of July, 2000 in
                Tallinn, the capital of Estonia

       At the moment “Mobile Parking” is available in 5
                major cities and towns in Estonia
37 % of parking payments in Tallinn are made via Mobile
                   Parking (year 2003)
        Why mobile parking?
Because it:
• greatly increases revenue collection for parking;
• reduces problems faced with revenue collection by
  parking operators;
• offers a viable and working m-commerce opportunity
  for operators, which has been proven in operation
  and can provide arguments for loyalty;
• is easy to use and customer friendly.
                How it works?
The principle behind M-Parking is that the operator
offers micro-billing services to the traffic regulation
agency. Through an operator, their attendants can get
information on cars, which have paid for parking by
using the Mobile Parking service. For car owners,
Mobile Parking provides relief from coins, coupons,
scratch cards, etc. They pay for parking while paying
their mobile phone bill. And they pay only for the time
they actually parked.
     Opening a parking account
By calling a short number, the customer opens a virtual parking
account. He can choose between different numbers, which add
different amounts of money to his virtual account. Adding money to

the parking account is not dependent on time or place.
       Starting a parking session

To begin parking, the customer sends an SMS message with the
license number of the car and the location code of the area he is
parking in, to a short number. This will fix the beginning time of the
parking session. Alternately parking sessions can be started
through WAP.
           Ending a parking session
To end the parking session, the customer needs to call a short number,
which will then fix the ending time. The parking charge is thus based on
the exact amount of time parked. In case the parking session charge
exceeds the amount of money in the virtual account, then a reminder
SMS message is sent ten minutes prior to the end. If the customer does
not add money to the account within ten minutes, then the session will be
automatically terminated as the money runs out. An SMS message will
remind the customer that his parking session has ended.
         Paying through the mobile
                 phone bill

The customer will be charged for
parking through his monthly phone
bill Prepaid customers will be

charged from their prepaid account.
        Parking inspectors!

Parking inspectors are online with parking database
     and can identify who has paid for parking
More Information
Digital Document Management
Tallinn City Office
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                              AS EMT
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