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					Little red school way Xiaoming

 little red school Xiaoming Police

  school on the way
  Lijin laughter School Year Wang Yueqi
  school, and Xiao-Ming and Little Red walked, suddenly, they saw a wallet on the
floor, they picked up the wallet, thinking it would be that one? Little Red said: "who
left purse, unwanted, or I'll take it." Little said: "When you do not want to, if the
rightful owners could not find her purse, that would be in a hurry." Little Red can not
help but blush So small and Xiao Ming waiting for owner of lost property to receive.
But it was late, Xiao Ming saw a police officer not far uncle, Little said: "When a
policeman uncle there." Xiao Hong and Xiao Ming came to the police before his
uncle, said: "Police uncle, we picked up a wallet, your This is who can investigate the
lost? "Police uncle, said:" I will, you really good boy, and I thank you for the rightful
owners. "
  little red and Xiao Ming went home elated.

 Comments: This is a Figure to speak, through careful observation of small author,
captured the main contents of the screen, plus their own imagination, the language of
the characters were described to article more vivid. [This article from [worry
document] collection and sorting, to thank the original author] /

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