Worms Dad Mom and Dad by fdjerue7eeu


									Worms Dad Mom and Dad

 computer worms father mother

 My father is a "worm", the first thing is open every day after work computer access,
computer He soon became a treasure, for which, often sudden, to many jokes.
 once, and my father is study the Internet, my mother came in to ask: "My husband,
my clothes?" Dad staring at the computer screen, simply pretended not hear, to
continue on his network. Mom thought Dad did not hear, they said again. Finally my
father to my mother no longer bother him, not next on the head as to say: "forget the
archive, and so I'll let you know Baidu." Mom to a great rage - straight stare.
 father is not here today to open the computer, and I am surprised, and asked: "Daddy
how not to open the computer up today?" "Because the network is broken, connection
closed." Dad bored, went out to go outside go. Dad left, it began to rain heavily. Soon,
my father ran home, body soaking wet, like a "drowned rat."
 to 23:00, the network was finally repaired, of course, access to the Internet friends,
and my father heard the "big" good news, he rushed to open the computer, free from
the net to the ground ... ...
 you said, I give "worms," the nickname from nicely it?

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