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					Survival of wild flowers wildflowers

 wild flowers do not own survival

 wild flowers, open in the sun, has been bred out of pure natural, although they are
not noble peony, lotus flowers are not pure , but in its own way, living all over the
 wild flowers and other flowers blooming not only silent (to) open, attract elves. I
imagine living like wild flowers, although only the simple, ordinary one me, but
approachable, everyone can be friends, can I help all the people who need help.
 wild flowers all around the world opening up, unlike other flowers to open a specific
place or temperature. I imagine the flowers as life can live wherever they go, to
adaptable, flexible, but not to forget that this will bring their own change them beyond
 wildflower case of survival of the fittest in nature, still tenacious (to) live with. I
imagine living like wild flowers, in the face of setbacks fail, despite their suffering is
not my will, but more of a firm belief in themselves and overcome all the displeasure
caused by external factors, brave, strong face and solve issues, and firmly believe is
the rainbow after the storms, difficult road to success is a stepping stone.
 pool of wild flowers and rain destruction, is still vigorous, without the slightest
change. I imagine the flowers as living with a positive attitude to meet every
tomorrow, do not deliberately forget the pain, the smiling face of everyone, not to put
themselves in other people are also suffering.
 wild flower cultivation without parents, from newly hatched gifted with their own
survival, alive or dead is entirely their own. I imagine living like wild flowers, leaving
the protection of my parents, Chong Ni, their independent ways of the world to face
the society, through their experience of this the matter is no longer an only know from
him hiding in the arms of their parents baby, 20 real growth, not to rely on parents to
give us everything, everything with our own hands to win.
 I can not imagine living like wild flowers, to his simple, stubborn, optimistic, and
independent (to) live. >>>> This article from [worry
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