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									White clouds sister sister

 white clouds sister father

 Bai Yun Baiyun sister, sister,
 People's Road Primary School in second grade (1) Class Li Yijia

 Baiyun sister, hello.
 Your baby is it?
 Oh, a small white clouds.
 small cloud the father is who?
 Oh, that is the blue sky.
 Baiyun sister, do you like cotton candy Yeah, see you, I was like drooling.
 Baiyun sister, little white clouds of the father as the blue sea, I really want to
appreciate the sea of fish.
 Baiyun sister, your baby like a small sheep, How cute!
 Baiyun sister, I say, you do not get angry, right?
 Baiyun sister, why do you stay here, not square, park there to play it? Is not reluctant
to leave me?
 Baiyun sister, there is no god in heaven? If so, can go play with my dad?
 Baiyun sister, I have many many questions to ask. Someday, I want to make wings
for themselves, to a stranger you go there too!

 Teacher: Jin Meng right

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