We went mountain climbing mountain climbing cousin

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					We go mountain climbing mountain climbing cousin

 cousin thin strip of sky to go mountain climbing with

 we go together with us

 to climb Jiefang Primary School 2 (2 ) Guo Yin Feng

  8 月 1 On this day the weather was clear and cloudless blue sky. Mom and Dad,
cousin, cousin and I went to our local scenic areas - the Great Rift Valley of West
Anhui play.
  West Anhui Great Rift Valley, also known as "Line-Sky", also known as the "three
automatic barrier." I saw it towering, incomparable magnificent, looks very much like
being a giant tears.
  into the Rift Valley in heart cool, Rift Valley, like the summer heat outside, but the
rift is the same as the autumn cool. Looked up and caught in the rift between the sky,
like a long-term, as its name "thin strip of sky." Rift Valley is very steep, every step
must be careful, otherwise you will fall into the "giant of tears" inside.
  most sad in the first place is, "to every" passing through this pass, will the Rift
Valley where a break. Every step father and cousin would pull my step.
  for about an hour after we break through three off successfully climbed the peak,
looking down, a full more than 1000 meters too! Dad said: "It's 'list of small hills' ah!"
Although we very tired, very nervous when climbing, but now immense joy and
  Teacher: Wang Yan

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