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									White Papers Team Training For Guaranteed Measurable Results Are your organization’s training programs delivering value-added benefits that endure over time? Harvard Business School conducted an extensive study in which four commonly used approaches to training were examined in terms of their capability for providing long term productivity improvements. The results were as follows: Level 1: Reactionary Training focused on helping participants gain awareness. This type of training often involves seminars aimed at raising consciousness and focusing attention on a specific subject. While these programs generally result in a burst of activity, their long term benefit is considerably limited due to an inattention to long term strategies for sustaining the level of motivation necessary to promote lasting behavior change. Level 2: Traditional Training focused on helping participants develop an in-depth understanding of a particular subject. This type of training involves a “textbook approach” and concerns itself almost exclusively with theory. The approach rarely leads to long term gains due to the absence of behavioral strategies for applying learned theories in the “real world.” Level 3: Skills Training focused on helping participants change nonproductive behavior. This type of training includes workshops, during which new techniques and behaviors are presented and practiced. Results from this type of training vary depending on whether a sound evaluation process is in place to encourage the use of learned skills. New behaviors must be centered around company objectives and supported by “change partners” if they are to be sustained. Level 4: Training For Results focused on helping participants develop new behaviors impacting a particular business objective. Evaluation criteria are developed prior to training and consistently applied throughout the process. Productivity improvements are sustained through personal and peer accountability. Becoming Unlimited’s team training programs employ the “training for results” model and feature experiential learning to maximize motivation, organizational impact and return on investment. Multisensory Learning and Spaced Repetition ensure the achievement of specific goals linked to improved performance. BU provides team training in the following areas: Effective Personal Productivity Effective Management Development Effective Team Development Effective Motivational Management Effective Communication Effective Personal Leadership Effective Supervisory Management By the conclusion of Becoming Unlimited’s team training programs, participants typically experience considerable improvement in the quality of both their personal and professional lives. Meanwhile, the organization enjoys productivity improvements through the achievement of a critical business objective and the creation of a more loyal workforce.

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