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									Violin father

 Violin Mom and Dad pull the

 Violin Violin
 Incubation for two 2 (5) poetry class Hung Chi

  My room has a violin, it was bought I was five. At that time my mother said: "I'm
sure you'll learn very well!" My father decided to buy it to piano. At that time I knew
my blood which the piano.
  I used to pull hard to hear, always wanted to give up. But my mother always
encouraged me and told me not to give up. I began to seriously study violin, piano
first set foot on the road.
  I pull just a little bit nice, and my father's company would go to a play near the sea, I
want to go, my mother allowed, I would go with the violin, her mother said: "You
should relax it!" I had to go.
  I play when I play violin experience is also slowly disappearing. So I came back
without pulling a nice. I slumped on the mother said: "Mom, I do not want to learn."
Mom: "You have to have a little patience Caixing!"
  I will seriously after the violin!

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