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 monkey teachers and classmates came to

 View of the monkey

 monkey view Cixi City, Zhejiang Province, Simon Primary School 2 (1) Ban Chang
 one day, teachers take students to the zoo, visit their favorite monkey.

 rockery border to see the students, small monkeys playing in the rockery. Some stop
to eat at the top of the mountain apple, looks so greedy! Some of the banana peel on
his head, really naughty. Some use their tails hanging in the trees, swings, really good.
There are a small monkey monkey mother to tickle the little monkey did not move,
could be extremely comfortable with it! These monkeys really like the interesting
actor. Children were seen with relish, a student jumped up and said: "Little monkey is
really interesting." The students laughed, the teacher smiled.

 Instructor: Lu Yan

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