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					Tree felling parents

 tree-felling in Liaoning Province Mom and Dad


 tree-felling in Liaoning Province, Anshan City, Liaoning Province 219 primary
school classes three years, Sun Shao-Kang
 Today, I went to Dad's Office with her mother to find his father.

  time is noon, the heat I was sweating profusely. Read read that piece is too
fragmentary loggers felling small trees, could not help but think of the old patch of
lush trees, the wind blowing a small forest. Grove is a former children's park. I have
good friends there and I played water gun battle Jia Chen, Ying-nan played with the
library car, and Zhang Yupeng, Van Cong Rui played hide and seek. Can be a flash,
that piece of wood into beautiful memories recalled. At this time, but also of giant
trees fell to the ground with a bang, and I felt a sad, eyes that has emerged out of a
natural playground. I could not bear to think of, and quietly with her mother and went

 loggers ah, you do only a small gain but whether the Earth mother? Did not you hear
my heart and the earth mother a call? !

 ********************************* ****

 I said I own

 Hey! I Jiaosun Shao Kang, I was born in the spring of 1993, is the little brother in
the class it fairly. Do not look my age do not, but I'm no small sub. Standing about a
meter of my five. Long with a greedy mouth, the saying goes, is "not live up
overnight and cooked beans."

 I do not laugh, but my sense of humor is very strong. Say a word casually amused
other people can laugh bending beneath.

 I take it, Shangzhi astronomer and geographer, knowledge of history before and after
to know the future (of course some bragging). I am familiar with Thirty-Six, 100 000
Why, children's encyclopedia. Writing level may be called superb. I analyzed the
strong, deep understanding of chemistry and biology are most interested in, followed
by the number of humans to the universe kind of.

 I like me, kids, do you like me

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