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									Tom bunny birthday gift

 bunny birthday gift pig

 Birthday Tom

 birthday soup Qingpu District, Shanghai, Henan British Experimental Primary
School 1 (2) classes Jin Kanghao
 Today is the birthday bunny, bunny kitten gave a summer hat, bunny dog gave a
large radish, colt gave bunny clothes . However, no gift pig Niuniu bunny, monkey,
pig saw sat alone in the stream, monkey asked: "Pig, you zen me up?" Pig said: "I do
not know to give bunny What a birthday present? "monkey inspiration, think of a
good (half) means monkey said:" Otherwise, we have a birthday soup now! "Pig
said:" I would not a birthday soup. "" Do not worry I came to (teach) you. "monkey
and pig ren zhen birthday soup to start, so ah do, finally finished. Bunny pig into the
house, on the hare said: "This is the birthday gift I gave you." Bunny said: "The pig,
which is give you my best birthday present!"% D % A
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