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  Shaanxi Province, Xi'an of Shaanxi Normal University, the school to four classes
pay Chiba
  This three photos are my photos of Tokyo Disneyland in Japan. This is the second
time I go to Tokyo Disneyland. The first was my grandfather, my father, my mother
went, but this is my father, my mother three to go.

  Tokyo Disneyland in Chiba Prefecture, where our house, tram ride from our house
takes about an hour. I remember one spring day in 2000, I and my father, my mother
up early, arriving when Tokyo Disneyland, visitors have a lot. Tickets are expensive,
children have to ¥ 2,800 votes, equivalent to around 200 yuan. These three pictures
is the entrance to Tokyo Disneyland, and I cartoon Donald Duck, fly, and not by name
of the pig according to the. A lot of time to take pictures of the children, I ranked team
for ages before the photograph.

 This day, we are very happy playing with Tokyo Disneyland. These three photos
have become my most memorable photos.

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