They are cute little goldfish goldfish

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					Cute little goldfish goldfish are

 cute little golden goldfish they

 cute little goldfish

  cute little goldfish
  Jining, Shandong Province Jining City, Shandong Yanzhou Mining Group, the East
Village economy of any first grade class sub
  Paul up in the morning, my mother took me to the market to buy goldfish. Small and
large goldfish, cute, and there are red, yellow, as well as black. They freely in the
water swimming, another mischievous and lively, which is only my very favorite.
Finally my mother bought me the two black and two yellow goldfish. Back home, I
carefully put the goldfish in the tank, and give them feed on the fish and insects, they
eat can be interesting, and is pleased to swimming, watching their cute, I'm glad.

 Supervisor: Zhu Jing
 Comment: kids like animals, you write a small goldfish really arouses love!

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