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									Gecko gecko teacher

 gecko Wang seats teacher

 at noon today, we have just prepared to take food out of line, walked, Wang Li-hsing
called up. People around suddenly surrounded in the past turned out to be a gecko.
Gecko white body, long tail lying on the floor motionless. Wang Li-hsing and Yin Yu
doubt it is the chameleon of triggering.
 Grab our food, sat down at the time, Gecko, "Sou" went to my seat, I was startled
and feet could not fall to the ground for fear of stepping on gecko, it was exciting Oh!
Then the king saw the teacher, she picked up the cane straight inserted into the
gecko's body. Gecko had time to dodge, he was in the stamp. Wang trash on the edge
of the pointer, and then lose pointer next pull, this gecko was thrown into the garbage.
 Wang, you have done a thing I admire Oh!

 Instructor: Yu can

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