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									Take pictures bunny take pictures

 Winnie the camera take pictures bunny

 take pictures

 take pictures of Hangzhou, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province Third Street Primary
School 2 (4) Class Wang Wenting
 take pictures

 spring, bunny, bear, monkey, wild to take pictures together.

 camera facing the field, rape yellow; camera facing the forest, green leaves; camera
towards the sky, blue clouds had; camera facing the small park, small parks may be
some noise!

 on the grass, children happily flying kites; the lake, a small duck seriously in the
school swim and watch a blossoming lotus, lotus leaf to bloom, little Swallow, "Cha
cha" to clamored the small frog is "Gua Guagua" sang the song. Burst of spring
breeze blow into a small park, a green willow shook long braids, and a small park

 bunny, bear, monkey, and took a photo one another, each is different, each are the
United States, they note the small parks all beautiful!

% D % A Instructor: Kim teachers

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