; Taiwan Typhoon Typhoon rain
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Taiwan Typhoon Typhoon rain


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									Taiwan Typhoon Typhoon rain

 typhoon weather the next moment was

 weather station West Bridge Central Primary School for one year (four) Class Chen
 listen to the news today said, "Pabuk" typhoon in Fujian Province to visit our
weather, great changes took place. Overcast sky on the morning, I thought it was at it.
After a while children, wind up, we called out: "The typhoon is coming." Saw the
roadside trees are wind was bending the waist, cicadas are not called, the weather is
very hot. Soon, the rain, "rushing Wow" Falling from the sky down, washing the
streets and drove the 10 days of summer. Rain continued underground with the road
soon turned into a vast sea, a vehicle flashed by, from time to time splashes up a
blossoming spray. Fresh air walking towards me, I felt refreshed.
 The rain was really the next big ah, the next was really time ah.

 Instructor: Liu Limei

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