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Sunshine Tour Sunshine Dad


									Sunshine Tour Dad sunshine

 father and mother sunshine sea

 Sunshine Tour Sunshine Tour
 Yanzhou Mining Group, a small second-year flights on behalf of the child

  Today is Sunday, another sunny day, my father, my mother took me to the sunshine
to see the sea.
  sat about three hours of the car, we finally arrived at Rizhao City, saw a large
high-rise buildings there, they had about 20 minutes, we came to the sea, that scene is
amazing, that the sea gentle and not calm, calm sea had once again rolled the waves,
the waves slapping the sea naughty face, seemed to whisper it to the sea! White sea
gull appeared time and again the figure, groups of people swimming in the sea, after a
little while, our family went to bath room and changed into a swimsuit and I also took
my orange swimming circle . While, my father and I went to the sea, my father let me
jump into the sea, but I dare not, then I hold my father forcibly into the sea water to
the big waves, the father said: "Tong Tong, 1, 2,3, jump! "I did not jump in the past,
but to seize the lifeline fall into the sea a good while to come out and drink a few
mouthfuls of water, came out, I said aloud:" Mom, reach towel I am! "Mom was I
amused exhilaration.
  wash the seaweed, I started digging shells, one will excavate a, was also dug a small
crab, I'm glad.
  Finally, we a go, and we shouted together: "the sea, good-bye!"
  Teacher: Drainage Hui

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