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Some dumplings pattern pattern


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									Several patterns pattern dumplings

 pattern dumplings mom tricks a few

  □ dumplings Changle Road Primary School 4 (1) Class Cai dyke
  over the weekend, Mom bought shepherd's purse , minced meat and dumpling skin,
marinated the dumpling filling, taught me to make dumplings. This is my first
  mother taught me to pack a few ordinary dumplings, I whim, why not break with
tradition, to an innovative, including several alternative patterns dumplings?
  So, I picked up a dumpling skin, on the left hand on a number of dumplings stuffed
with chopsticks, put dumpling skin the middle circle in the dumpling skin dipped
some water, fold up, its shape into a small frame "camera", the first pattern on the
shape of the dumpling. Then, I Nipping out a folded the "armored vehicles", "naughty
little bat," "cute little bunny," "explosion ball" ... ...
  mother looked at these bizarre dumplings, wondered how these tricks are to come ? I
said: "I have always loved to squeeze the dough, clenched more, nothing like what the
squeeze. Now, I also as a dough dumpling skin to pinch, you see is not very
alternative way?" Mom smiled and said: "You pack very well, we will them to hack
  dumplings cooked, scooped a look. Hey! I have not broken a pattern dumplings, but
also to maintain the original shape. Mom and I enjoy together, Hey! It tastes great!
My idea was successful.
  My mother and I received the remaining dumplings into the refrigerator for up. So
my father came home Xiaye Ban, on the next for him, give him a surprise. This article
from [worry document] http://www.5udoc.com
  Comment: small article written in a lively, specific, very interesting, but also
brimming with a rich family, reading to people smiled. Young age, will use their
brains, continue to maintain the enthusiasm created by Oh!
  Teacher: Weng Guoying This article from [worry document] www.5udoc.com
collection and sorting, to thank the original author. / Center>

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