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 little photographer photo mother

 little photographer,

  little photographer,
  the school to Nanchang University Nanchang, Jiangxi Province (North House), a
total of four Luo Fei Ran
  You see, the pictures of my lovely she is! This is my seventh birthday photographs
taken that day, when I saw this picture, the scene that day would surface in my eyes.

 Day, my mother took me to People's Park, People's Park could be beautiful!
Suddenly, I scare up, found a wonderful picture, here are a Wang crystal clear lake,
rush lake surrounded by luxuriant trees, which, scattered and to stand with several
pavilions, I am excited to go to bridge , said to his mother: "I take a picture of it here
to," So, Mom crouch down, aim the camera I have, I also took the opportunity to pick
up in the hands of the one-time camera, learn to look like her mother, squints one eye,
but also According to the mother also had a 1-phase, bringing the mother laughed
when I saw this picture, you could not help laughing.

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