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					Panda panda base bin

 panda panda base bin

 Panda bin

  Panda trash Leshan City, Sichuan Province Muchuan 2 Experimental Primary
School Grade 2 classes Yang Qixian
  today, on the street for a new natural, dirty litter bins replaced before the new Panda
trash. In the following a circular base, the base next to a small are, is to facilitate the
cleaners in the trash cleaned up the panda's door. Above the base of a panda holding a
bamboo, the bamboo is to allow people to still go in the dirt. The panda's body black
and white, looks very beautiful, lovely. People love it, always love the dirt still inside,
red pandas in front of us every day with a smile, as if told us: "Do not indiscriminate
still benches, Luantukoutan, it will pollute our environmental health . "

 good quality of people today is our red pandas smile touched everyone's heart.

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