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									Rain King Holiday School Holiday

 Rain King school holidays as

 Holiday Rain King

 Holiday Rain King
 Guangxi Nanning new school 2 (1) Class Zi-Xi-
 Saturday morning, after the completion of several Olympic classes, I come out from
school, a gray sky began to rain.

 rain as thick as silk twill with land, buildings, trees, as well as bridge the distance, all
enveloped in smoke, the flickering, like the fairy tales. The school gate in a bamboo
forest, a bird cried merrily, singing this beautiful scenery. Roadside ten several flower
Kapok quietly climbed the branches, like a child to visit with the fresh curiosity of the
world. There is also the site of people in work, cranes, turning back and forth like a
giant hanging in the air, from time to time spent welding spatter from the smoke, out,
and worked like a festival of fireworks.

 I like the King holiday in the rain.
 Instructor: Jun
 Comment: keep your eyes open, the world is so beautiful!

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