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Rabbits and squirrels mushrooms rabbits


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									Rabbits and squirrels mushrooms rabbits

 small rabbit squirrel Mushrooms good

 rabbits and squirrels
 Hill Primary School, Zhejiang Shengzhou quiet 1 (2) Class Zheng Yining
 day of rabbits to a hill mushrooms, rabbits squirrels walked encountered.
 small squirrel the little white rabbit: "Little Rabbit Where are you going?"
 little rabbit said: "I go to pick mushrooms."
 small squirrel said: "Today is my birthday, you coming or not. "
 little rabbit said:" The adoption of good mushrooms, I will come. "
 little rabbit asked the little squirrel, mushrooms where a little more? Squirrel Shouyi
Zhi said: "There."
 small rabbit polite small squirrel said: "Thank you, squirrel."
 small rabbit ran to the place pointed at a small squirrel , adopting good mushrooms
to small squirrel family birthday.

 Teacher: Ma Feifei

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