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Proud bird bird kite


									Proud of the kite bird bird

 proud kite the bird was

 proud proud kite

 kite sun art school art class composition Mo Books Yi

  coming of spring, red to the field to fly kites.
  kite a fly, there is a lot of small birds flew over, "hey, you watch the kite fly higher
ah!" "Sure, if and as it flew so high enough. "Kite heard these words, pride up. It
proudly on the bird said: "We come to Bibi, see who fly higher!" Bird said happily:
"Yes!" Soon as he finished, a little bird is already higher than a kite fly higher. Kite
looks a little upset, thinking: if I had cable holding, I will fly higher than them.
  thought here, a kite hard earned, "A pair of" bang line was torn apart. Then, rushing
mighty wind, kite fly higher. It looked down with pride that a few birds, feels
indescribably happy.
, but did not last long, the wind stopped. Kite slowly to the whereabouts of its anxious
cry: "bird, come save me!" And other birds fly, the kite has been hanging from a tree,
and sad tears stream out from the eyes.
  This is blame it. . . . . . .

 Teacher: luzon
 Comment: This is a Fine Arts composition, with little of the story first painting of
forms, and then write a small essay.
 (Contributors: xszw in 2006-6-169:19:24 pipeline:)
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