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 Picasso exhibition

% D% Picasso exhibition A fall of two primary Shěng Fǔ, Hangzhou, Zhejiang (1)
class of
  statute today, the weather cold, the air, fluttering drizzling, me and my friends went
to see Chen Yi Xuan Picasso Prints.
  door as I stepped into a head to see a huge picture of Picasso during his later years,
he sat in a chair, with a pure, straightforward look at us every visitor. Gallery is
divided into eight modules, namely: Bull, quicksand, Celestine, Gongola, funny man,
triangle hat, nature stories, Carmen, were described for each unit a Picasso during
different story.
  I liked him in 1921 by a mother and son beach map, painting the theme of the
performance of affection between mother and child. On the beach, the mother's face
wearing bright smile, her gentle arms of children looking at their own, and looked so
kind, so amiable. Mothers arms naughty children with open arms, as if the sun is like
the mother to embrace the "eyes", this painting reflects the deep sense of happiness
that I am deeply moved.

 Instructor: Jin Xiaoxia

 Received Time :2006-2-1419: 38:51
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