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					Physics and Chemistry, Physics and Chemistry bazaar bazaar

 red scarf bazaar students

 red scarf bazaar

  red scarf bazaar
  Huangyan District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province East Second Street Central
Primary School (3) Class Gold Hong Kai
  II with the classroom, students as a support an arrow, flying out of the classroom.
Soon, the playground will be full of people.
  classroom, the students talk in animated conversation with. Some said: "This is
selling KFC." Others said: "This is selling red scarf." While others raised his head,
triumphantly: "I know, I know, this is a bazaar held in Physics and Chemistry . "are
the students talking about the incident to the time, Wang spoke up:" Students, today,
our school held three to six year students, Physics and Chemistry bazaar. where the
cries come and go, extremely busy. "Then, my head emerge a big question mark on:
Physics and Chemistry bazaar in the end is what? Why hold this event? What is the
significance of this event? With the three big question marks, we follow the teacher's
instructions, walked out of the classroom look.
  1 to the playground, I quickly got into a stall, the more things really ah! See my eyes.
I heard these things are the students brought items from home. Outer ring of human
hearing, said: "Can not we cheaper?" Who shook his head in circles, said: "This is
already the most expensive of the." One "customer" start something, carefully
watching the , you get tired, they put down the items, then continue shopping. I went
to read a few other stalls, the result is different for each stall the case. Some stalls
extraordinary popularity, and some stalls desolate, there are the stalls were meager.
  This event has ended, but the banner: poor students in Physics and Chemistry of
emotional ties to big bazaar is also still hanging high up. As if to remind us to lots of
help poor people, only people happy, and are truly happy.

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