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 sack dad calls CTT


 fired Shantou City, Guangdong Province, Shantou City, the second grade 2 Danxia
Ban Wu Ye

 Today is Saturday, rest at home, father not only gave me a sack of food, told me
about the "dismissed" interesting.

  morning, and my father to buy a number of squid vegetable markets, but also
brought back two telephone services offer leaflets: one is the CRC, and one is a
Netcom. I looked at do not understand, asked: "Day of our phone calls What is the
difference?" My father said: "We usually use the post office of telecommunications,
there are 20 yuan Hua Fei is a monthly fee, while CRC, Netcom's monthly fee you
can play matching the phone. Railcom also cheaper. "I said:" That we can not be
replaced by CTT's phone? "" Yes, if the CRC of the phone well, we can fire the
telecommunications' Squid '! "" fired?! "" For example, a person working in a shop,
and his boss was not satisfied to dismiss him and let him simply packed up and leave,
this is' fired'. Of course, employers can fire employees squid, leaving the boss to leave.
"" Oh! "hee hee hee hee ... ...

 had" fired "There are all about! While eating dinner at my dad's sack while secretly
proud, because I asked the ground, and today an increase of a little knowledge.

 Tutor: Chen Min,
 Comment: This was something close, cordial; write information nowadays, the
fashion; words that carry double, deep. Is a lovely little essay .

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