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 Peach their mountains found

 peach blossom

 Peach Blossom Festival in Hangzhou East Elementary School, 3 (4) class
management Hongbin

  Today, I went to board the Mid-Peach Blossom Festival, Fuyang new site, we moved
into this place for a car, the foot of the mountain people a lot, and I looked up again,
ah! I was shocked about the hill in front of our car a few plants beautiful peach,
Holding a pink peach blossom branches, one next to a peach, flowers next to a flower,
very lovely. Our cars continue to move upwards in the winding mountain road to the
top when I found that this road like a winding queue mountains. We went to the
mountain, I found a foot of a man walking like a ants crawling like. Viewed from afar,
the mountain of peach and yellow rape how gorgeous ah! I feel like being in the fairy
  house we went to the peasants, farmers uncle took us to dig bamboo shoots. I am
carrying a hoe up to the mountains, the mountains are densely covered in bamboo
forest, the beginning I could not find bamboo shoots, later in the farmer uncle's help, I
finally dug in search of bamboo next to the carefully and found a small bamboo
branch chubby revealed a and tender bamboo shoots Ya Tou, I am pleased to a tree to
put it out of you.
  at noon, farmers uncle invited us to eat farm food on the table the farm food can be
enriched with fried vegetables, are killing the stewed pork, tofu, cold milling,
Qingming dumpling, fried the chicken, bacon singeing Shoot, ever since the sesame
rice cake ... ... in particular, are playing now burned sesame cakes I ate a lot. These
farm food I liked to eat, I asked my mother the way back, when I eat there, and then
stewed with pork, because pork, fragrant and waxy.
  I long for the results of the peach tree, we can also go to the peaches, eating farm

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