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									Painting painting painting competition

 drawing contest top ten paintings

 Game End "calligraphy Top Ten", the turn of "painting the top ten" of the.
 match is scheduled second lesson in the afternoon. Our class had just ten minutes,
the radio said: "And now 2 - 6 year to participate in 'painting the top ten' students to
the playground." This is representative of our class, and Xing Xu Meng Yuan Wang
Chuan. They pick up a pencil and eraser on the go, and cheer for their classmates:
"you have to keep ah!" We imagine that the competition process. Class, I go to the
game situation. Viewed from afar, Xing Wang Chuan painted like frogs, big eyes,
bulging of the mouth. Xu Meng Yuan painting is like an umbrella. Because the
distance is too dollars, see is not quite clear.
 finally came home from school, I quickly ran to see the original Xu Meng Yuan
paintings are children hiding under umbrellas, Xing Wang Chuan paintings are
children playing on the hillside.
 hey, I do not know the results what will happen?

 Instructor: Yu can

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