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                                                         Travel in the Southwest

All of us at Duke City Gateway Travel a full-service travel agency pride ourselves in creating the number one perfect travel
experience for our clients. We can provide interested travelers with custom=designed itineraries to help them make the most of their
travel time and to help them see everything they want to see. Following are some sample itineraries for travel in the Southwest and in
other parts of the United States and Canada. These itineraries were designed with specific clients in mind. We also lke to let travelers
know about the range of weather conditions they’ll be facing for example, 50-60 degrees at night, and 75-80 degrees during the day.

The Southwest includes New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona, southern Utah, and parts of Nevada, and Duke City Gateway has a wide
variety of special and general tours of the area. The area is rich with natural beauty and natural wonders, from the Grand Ca nyon to
Hoover Dam to Mesa Verde, the nation’s most extensive prehistoric ruins, visible in ancient villages built in caves in the sides of

Travel to the Southwest via bus, car, jeep, train, plane, or a combination thereof can include visits to the following cities:

      In Arizona: Phoenix, Sedona, Tucson, Yuma
      In Colorado: Durango, Cortez
      In Nevada: Las Vegas
      In New Mexico: Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Carlsbad, Taos
      In Utah: Cedar City, Salt Lake City, Richfield

    Sample Itinerary—The Great Southwest
    Day 1 Starting in Albuquerque, ride the aerial tramway to the top of Sandia Crest. Then follow the Turquoise Trail to
    Santa Fe.
    Day 2 Take the High Road to Taos, and then descend into Rio Grande Gorge. Continue north into Colorado to Great
    Sand Dunes National Monument.
    Day 3 Drive to Durango and Mesa Verde National Park. Visit the ruins.
    Day 4 Go from Durango to Chaco Canyon, the largest Pueblo city ever built, and then drive through the Zuni reservation.
    Visit Petrified Forest National Park.
    Day 5 Drive to Monument Valley. Visit traditional Navajo homes before heading into Utah along the Trail of the Ancients.
    Day 6 Continue north to Canyonlands and visit Utah’s national park, Capital Reef. Drive to Bryce Canyon by way of the
    Escalante Canyons, a spectacular stretch of road.
    Day 7 Arrive at Grand Canyon National Park.
    Day 8 From Grand Canyon, drive to Las Vegas.
    Day 9 Take the scenic route along Lake Mead’s shore to Hoover Dam.

                                  TRAVEL TO O THER PARTS OF THE UNITED STATES AND C ANADA

Duke City Gateway Travel has tours and individual itineraries across the country, from San Francisco to Seattle, from Minneapolis to
Montreal, from New York to New Orleans, from Houston to Hawaii. We’ve organized train trips across Canada, theater trips to N ew
York, jazz junkets to New Orleans, and family tours of Disney’s Magic Kingdom. The continent of North America offers a vast array
of possibilities for every type of traveler.

Our travel counselors need only an idea and some specifications to put together an unforgettable trip.

Sample Itinerary—The California Coast
Day 1 Arrive in San Francisco for a day of exploring and shopping.
Day 2 Take a sightseeing tour of the Japanese Tea Gardens, the Seal Rocks, the Golden Gate Bridge, and Fisherman’s Wharf.
Day 3 Drive across San Joaquin Valley; begin the climb into the Sierra Nevada Mountains to Yosemite National Park.
Day 4 Drive to Monterey. Travel a short distance along the spectacular 17-Mile Drive in Carmel.
Day 5 Drive along scenic Route 1 to Big Sur, and then on to San Simeon for a tour of the Hearst Castle.
Day 6 Drive to Los Angeles. A full day of sightseeing includes Universal Studios, Mann’s Chinese Theater, and Beverly Hills.
Spend the evening in Long Beach.
Day 7 Drive south to San Diego. En route, visit the Mission San Juan Capistrano. Continue on to the San Diego Zoo.

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