Normative goal of solving mathematical problem solving by fdjerue7eeu


									Normative problem-solving mathematics problem solving goal

  mathematical problem solving standard target
  problem solving is to deepen knowledge, the development of intelligence, an
important means to improve capacity. Standard problem-solving to develop good
study habits, improve the level of thinking. In the process of learning to do a certain
amount of exercises is necessary, but not as much as possible, problems can only
increase students sea tactical burden, weakening the role of solving problems. Sea
tactics to overcome problems and strengthen the role of problem solving, we must
strengthen the normative problem-solving.
  problem solving norms, including norms of moderation, language specification, the
answer is regulation and Solving Problems, four.
  1, examining the topic specification
  moderation is the right problem solving the key is subject to analysis, synthesis, for
problem-solving ideas and methods of the process, moderation process includes
specific conditions and objectives, analysis of the conditions and objectives contact to
determine the three-part problem-solving ideas and methods.
  (1) the conditions of analysis, first identify the subject clearly informed of the known
conditions, and second, and found the subject to reveal hidden conditions.
  goal of the analysis, the main is clear what else or to prove anything; the complex
goals into a simple goal; to abstract goals into concrete objectives; the easy grasp of
the goals into the goal may be to grasp.
  (2) of the conditions and objectives of the ties. Each mathematical problems are
composed of a number of conditions and goals.
  Solvers based on reading the title, need to look them up to the target from the
condition of lacking something? Pusher or from the condition, or from the objective
analysis, or draw sketches and the conditions associated with the target marked on the
map to find their inner connection to the smooth realization of problem solving goals.
  (3) identify problem-solving ideas. Conditions and objectives of a subject with a
series between the necessary link, these connections target by the conditions leading
to the bridge. What links with problem solving, these links need to be followed to
determine the mathematical theory. Problem solving is the essence of mathematical
principles to which these linkages and matches. Some of the questions that this link is
hidden, must be carefully analyzed to reveal; some of the matching relationship
between a variety of subjects, which is a problem there are several reasons for the
method of solution.
  2, the language specification
  description of the language (including mathematical language) description of the
program solving a problem is the process of mathematical problem solving is an
important part.
  Therefore, the language of narrative must be standardized. Specification language
describes the steps to be clear, accurate, complete, properly of detail, image by
jumping on evidence-. Mathematics itself is a set of standardized language system and
must not arbitrarily invented mathematical symbols and mathematical terms,
  3, the answer specification
  standard answer is the answer to accurate, concise, comprehensive, and not only pay
attention to the results of the validation, choice, and pay attention to the complete
answer. The answer should be standard, we must examine the subject clear goals, the
target answer.
  4, Solving Problems,
  Solving Problems, is on trial after solving problem solving process and problem
solving methods and knowledge of the review section used to think the only way to
deepen our knowledge of effective understanding, improve thinking ability.
  (1) sometimes repeatedly disrupted and then "inspiration" sudden. In either case, has
a strong intuitive thinking, if reproduced in solving problems in a timely manner after
thinking about this process back, "inspired by" how is many times the reasons for
delay, summing up the trial process of thinking skills questions This problem was
found during the trial errors, improve ability to analyze issues have an important role.
  (2) proficiency in these methods are closely related to the students in solving
problems always think of with the first method is the method they are most familiar
with, therefore, to reflect on whether, after solving other method, can students to
explore new ideas, improved problem-solving ability.

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