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 nice guys

 nice guys
 Guangdong Province, Guangdong University of Foreign Studies affiliated English
Primary School 2 ( 5) Huang Lisha
 class today, our whole family back to my grandparents house for dinner, be happy!

 grandfather is a retired veteran, a good party. He was almost seven years old. He was
very tall, Do not look gray-haired, body can be strong, and walked with great spirit,
never use a cane, moves very fast. He does not speak Cantonese, Mandarin is very

 father said a child in the army to see Grandpa is a very powerful commanders.
Although he is now retired, older workers can be seen asked: "What is difficult? Need
help?" He was always so caring and helpful, we took the nickname to his "nice guy."

, however, he won both diseases, one is cancer, a heart disease. In the operating room,
he said, smiling: "I want to 'ordered by into the sea of fire'." Until the defeat of the
disease, he said: "I won." Grandpa is really a brave man.

 grandfather now exercise every day, the body may Hao Li!
 Supervisor: Zhu Ruixia

 Submission :2003-5-6
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