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									Students naughty little monkey zoo

 monkey zoo naughty students

  mischievous little monkey
  Xingyi, Guizhou Red Star Road Primary School in two (2) the right to receive this
morning, teacher took us to the Zoo Little Monkey.
  to the zoo, my classmates and I can not wait to run into the zoo. Walk a little way, we
finally saw a small monkey, the students quickly viewing monkeys, some students
observed how to eat it; some students use the diary to write down the action it
jumping around; some students took the camera A number of photographs to it, if not
according to not give up. I saw it from the hole out a mirror, hand holding a mirror
shining face, and also while scratching hair, to our amused laugh. This is really a
naughty little monkey!
  is coming in the afternoon, the teacher told us to quickly get on the train, watching
the scenery so beautiful, I am a little reluctant to go, but eventually I got into the car,
thinking: Goodbye, zoo. Teacher: Costume of

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