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 characteristic chocolate uncle eat

 My uncle

 My uncle
 Huangyan District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province East Second Street Central
Primary School (3) Class Kim Hong Kai
 "Qichuang La!" I fell on his uncle's ear shouted. Uncle rubbed Xingsong eyes,
murmured: "Time flies so fast!" He immediately got up, "fly" out of doors as ... ...
 round belly, medium build, crooked eyebrows mosaic his eyes with a pair of
eyes ... ... This is my uncle.
 Speaking uncle came, and many unique features too! Such features: He likes to eat,
but he not want to go on obesity. So there rarely see him, "bingeing." The latest thing,
made me understand that he is also tempted the original person: when I took a
chocolate and handed uncle , said: "This is for you to eat." uncle would like to eat,
want to say do not eat, "eat" and "eat" in fighting the uncle's mind: "do not eat," said:
"You can not eat, or will be more fat. "" eat, "said sharply:" Do not listen to him! or
just-, two plug it together. "uncle hesitated a moment, carefully took the chocolate,
sipping a small mouth, said: "eat some more, should not be too fat." and then one
thing is like Oden. Such as rice in the summer of popsicle sticks plug, preventing the
food in the East with a green, a white West; winter and put some tomato sauce, I went
over to look, wow! Nothing more than just a red sun rising even Red! Can also Xiao
Hehe uncle said that this was not only colorful, but also nutritious.
 My uncle has a title called "fast chewing machine," Why do I say? Because he is
always eating big chunks of the two cheeks of a drum, suddenly slid the stomach rice,
looks like a hungry "big tiger."
 My uncle is an interesting person I love my uncle.

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