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					My piano keyboard piano

 lot of keys of the piano

 My piano
 Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, the 16th primary school 2 (4) my piano class
Huang Lexi black, shiny, like a shiny black stars. Inside Yeah, there are many white
keys, there are many black keys. The top of the piano, arrayed with a variety of class
piano book.
 Every day I practice on the half hour or an hour, sometimes two-hour practice. I do
not think the piano how tired bomb, do not rest, Why? The original, the piano is an
object, only the people and animals will be tired, so the piano is not tired.
 My piano skills can be really big! It brings the spring Tintin Hasty sound, like the
mountains into the real, you can also play a lively momentum, shocking world, such
as "Defend the Yellow River" song. Melodious music, it fluctuated, when the disease
when the slow, if you breathless listening, you'll feel like magic into a wonderful
 changing my piano is really a magician, so that you are there in various scenarios,
and I wish good practicing, and let people enjoy the music of charm!
 Teacher: Li Xin
 Reviews: write well
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