My life life life by fdjerue7eeu


									My life life life

 life like his sun

  favorite with their wandering in the city's most central breathing alone; like looking
at the leaves in a daze, in the cradle the sun dream.
  I am silent in the days of his youth, I do not like the so-called honor and achievement,
but also do not like to meet other people away so-called friendship. I hate hypocrisy. I
am doing myself. Someone said to me, why I can not see the sun in your body? I
laugh it off, remains unchanged. "Ideal" in the other end shining dream, I dream that I
walk alone first. Enjoy a wonderful person.
, but I love the book, so true in love, when she handed me a book, I actually forget
refused. I accept the book! This is her I have unexpected and even the sun's debris hit
her face, splashes smile. I walked by her side light.
  "would rather break the wings in the wind, do not want to lose in the cage in a
dream" - this is the blessing of the book title page, handwritten. After the "hard work
and vision" has been flowing in my mind.
  the winter, the wind is still biting, the snow still swirling. But my heart can no longer
be frozen. Winter day, she disappeared into my world. I am actually anxious as burn,
before we know, buying a book on the way, she lost her life. The title is called "our
dreams." Discovered, because she, my world has been filled with wonderful. Only
understand what is life.
  ward, me and her, she lay peacefully. I Zheng Zhu, and memories of flowers blossom
You Youde. She said: "I appreciate you, really. "" Of course, we are friends are for! ""
Can you promise me one thing? "" Speak, "" When darkness hit, you must not retreat,
"" Dark? "" Please fireworks lit to conquer the entire life of darkness! "" ... ... "" You
can! You will definitely succeed! "
  failure when filled, when loneliness strikes, when the success comes, when I move,
my only motivation was her, I insist that faith comes from her, I for her tireless
  Now, I do not whisper quiet, I am proud to run to the other shore. However, she was
a little bit broken. I held out my hand, sad a piece down, eating my heart. Think of
"hard work and dreams," think of happy and sad, always think of her.
  My life, is quietly opening up.
  and her life in a remote high-altitude, blooming Qinren aroma. Bless her.
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