My idol Yao Ming Gegegege by fdjerue7eeu


									My idol Yao Ming Gegegege

 basketball idol Yao Ming, his brother

 My idol Yao Ming,

 My idol Yao Ming,
 Jiading District, Shanghai Private Plum Orchard experimental school 2 (4) Zhao
 I'm a basketball fan, "Oriental Giant" - Yao Ming big brother is my most admired
basketball star, I was his most loyal fans. Every time he dunk in the game, blocked
shots, I have for his quick dashing skill that amazed.

 if one day I can personally to the NBA arena to cheer on Yao Ming brother, if I could
become a new member of the Houston Rockets, and fight side by side with him, it
nice to ah!

 chance finally came. One day, my father and I park on the grass in the century,
playing basketball, Yao inadvertently seen not far from his brother and his teammates
now are sitting lot, actually! I could not believe my eyes, heart seemed to jump out of
legs as on the winding, quickly ran to my idol.

 one ran to him, and I am dumbfounded that actually is a huge poster! I stopped and,
alas! What a pity! Fortunately, the poster of Yao Ming brother was smiling at me too!
At this point, I can not wait, and he reached into the poster in a good handshake. I can
not help quite a pretty body, hand gestures in his head a, ha ha! It is amazing it! My
knees and his head and only really worthy of a "giant." At this time, followed behind
in the father was unknown on the excitement for me and Yao pressed the shutter.

  This realistic "photograph" has been in my album collection. I believe that there is
always one day, my brother idol Yao Ming, will be generous with his hand stroking
my shoulder and I really photographed, and his heart because I have a common dream
- basketball.

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