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 grandmother Chuibei Chung Yeung side

 My maternal grandmother Chuibei

 My maternal grandmother Chuibei% D% Wuhan, Hubei Wuhan Iron and Steel 19 A
second grade (2) Class Lau Qing
 Today is the annual "Double Ninth Festival," the teacher said to go home to help
elderly people to do one thing. After dinner, I help grandmother to bed, let her sit
down, I kneel on the bed, lightly beat his hand upon her fist grandmother on the back.
Hammer while watching my grandmother's hair, Hey, how are there so many white
grandmother hair ah? I am going to pull one, but think: would not pull up a grow 10
come from? Well, better not pull out, if a root pulled out after a few hundred that is
not to grow roots? Will become a white-haired old lady grandmother had. I want: The
next president of the Chung Yeung Festival grandmother then crossing a white hair? If
she never long white hair How wonderful! Hammer for a while, I asked the
grandmother: "comfortable?" Grandma nodded with pleasure: "It feels terrific!"
 Instructor: Yuan Rong

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