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Moth eggs eggs


									Spawning spawning moth

 moth eggs cocoon body

 spawning spawning
 Hu Langya Road Primary School in second grade Koichi

 if they do not cocoon flowers, I have a few cocoon. What will they change? I am
anxiously waiting for curiosity.
 day, I suddenly discovered that moths are crawling out from the cocoon in Shi Jin. I
saw it with their feet to push down cocoon the body stretched it out a shrink, and a
few came out. Listening to the teacher that the moths out before spitting the cocoon of
a wet, and then clawed feet wire group, cocoon will appear on a small hole drilled
moths that come from this hole. Moth's body is gray, with a pair of thin wings, there is
a hint of black pattern article, also wearing a cool head, light-colored sunglasses.
 few days later, I found a moth is to lay eggs. It is the first paper in the silkworm
silkworm eggs did not find a place, then the eggs out of the body, then gently set their
eyes on the rear silkworm paper, stick to the silkworm eggs on the paper. Eggs even
smaller than sesame seeds, first yellow, then becomes black or gray, but some eggs, or
yellow, because those are tiger silkworm silkworm eggs silkworm eggs. Moth after
laying their eggs, they will gradually lose weight, and then die.
 silkworm's life ended this way. Recall that life is really fun ah!

 Teacher: 10 000 Qian

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