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Mom's nagging nagging mother


									Mother's nagging nagging mother

 nagging mother will sound

 mother's nagging

 mother's nagging
 Zhejiang Shaoxing Chinese Experimental School fourth grade class homes Hu Ping
 no matter where I am, will feel the mother's nagging. Like the air, filled in around

 morning and opened my eyes Xing Song, will have a voice urging: "Quick get up, to
be late!" Every day, really wordy. Ready to go to school, will hear a familiar voice:
"Have a safe trip, class to listen carefully!" Old often Jiaoren upset. Homework time,
so there are no small "warning" voice: "Do not be careless!" Of thoughts, some really
angry. Got high marks in every exam, my mother nagging tone children will rise very
high very high, as is his high score.

 now, got used to her mother's nagging, ears have long thick cocoon. If one day, left
the mother's arms, all the nagging, will not hear that heart will be empty. At that time,
will want, mom that gentle nagging.
 Tutor: Xiufeng
 Comment: usual attention on careful observation of small, ingenious ideas,
statements refining

 Submission :2005-7-2115: 26:48
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